Our clients include manufacturers and building trade labor unions. The ESDI Program greatly reduces time and expense associated with selecting prospective employees and significantly decreases the chances of hiring the wrong individual for your job.


Sequential Employment Testing, Inc has been providing our apprenticeship program with new approaches to selecting candidates for the past 7 years. The Employee Self-Description Index Program was developed at our request in 2001 to weed out potentially substandard employees that looked good on paper and interviewed well but performed poorly in the class room and on the job.

The Employee Self-Description Program has helped us determine what type of skills and attitude are needed in an individual to be successful in our trade. All applicants complete the Employee Self-Description Index when they apply.  Before we interview the applicant we already have a very clear idea of how the applicant's skills and attitude match up with the requirements of the job. This approach saves time and money and really helps our program find the right people for our industry.

John Brocus

Piping Industry Training Center
United Association LU#50 Mechanical Contractors Association of America
Northwood, Ohio


We have been working with Sequential Employment Testing, Inc since 1998. This was our first year using the Employee Self-Description Index Program. We were surprised that a program this sophisticated was so easy to put in place and use.

We spent a lot of time testing and interviewing our current group of applicants to our apprenticeship and had already ranked them from best choice to unsuitable for the program. We were interested in finding out if the Employee Self-Description Index Program was all that we were hearing about it and what we would have to do to use it.

We contacted Sequential Employment Testing, Inc and set up the on-line ESDI Program. Our 10 Job Experts completed the job requirement questionnaire, which were then sent to Sequential Employment Testing, Inc. to be analyzed and establish our job requirements. Next, we had the applicants complete the ESDI questionnaire which took them as a group about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. We received each applicant’s individual result along with a Summary Report that ranked all of the applicants by how closely they matched our job requirements. The accuracy was hard to believe. The Summary Report ranked the applicants the same as our selection committee including the individuals we had determined to be unsuitable.

Due to the result we are having all applicants complete the ESDI questionnaire first to save time and money in our selection process.

I offer this letter of support because your program has proven to be an efficient and effective solution for our apprentice selection process.

Chris Beal

Training Coordinator
Sheet Metal Workers No. 40, JATC
Northern District of Connecticut
Rocky Hill, CT
March 8, 2005