The ESDI Program provides a fast and objective method to identify a pool of acceptable job applicants. For the employer who wants to use the Employee Self-Description Index Program™, the first step is a particularized job analysis. 

Federal employment guidelines advise that employment tests measure job relevant skills, traits, and abilities.  The Employee Self-Description Index Program incorporates a job analysis component to establish that the competencies measured by the ESDI are in fact important for performing the job. 

The basic steps of a job analysis for the Employee Self-Description Inventory:

The Employee Self-Description Index™ (ESDI™) was developed by Dr. Scott Highhouse and Dr. Michael Zickar, professors in the Department of Industrial Organization Psychology at Bowling Green State University and Dr. Charlie Reeve at Purdue University. In 2002 Sequential Employment Testing Inc conducted a research project for the Plumbers and Steamfitters #50 of Ohio to develop a personality screening tool to improve their selection process.  Also, participating in this research was the Toledo Area Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program LU #33 who in 1991 pioneered the first use of psychological tools in post-offer testing along with the Cincinnati, Ohio Area Electrician's JATC.